The 2010 Reunion in St Jean Quebec In the music bizz you meet a lot of hotel owners and I must say of the ones I met NONE were better than Mr Dagenais owner of the Fontaine Bleu.He was a retired sax player himself and knew what it was to be a musician on the road.I remember him going out of his way to help a LOT of musicians that played at the Fontaine Bleu.How many nights we sat together at a table drinking beer and talking music.His favorite saying was "Torieur de torieur. I will never forget him standing at the cash register watching us play, and playing his cash at the same time .RIP Mr Dagenais. Live recordings made at the Fontain Bleu in the 60ties Try a little Tenderness When I Was Seventeen Les Bicyclettes de Belsize People Got To Be Free Midnight Mover OnBroadway
I'm so glad we got together for this very special band reunion. Shortly after this reunion we lost Don Carpentier, and Claude Roy. This reunion was the last time I saw claude. Very glad to have spent that time with Claude. We had such a great time and a really cool video was made by our friend Bob Ostiguy. Here is the link to a short version. We also after the reunion ended up at Bill Ledster's house for another two days of really cool chats and good wine and dine. All and all it was FANTASTIC!