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Karen Cavanaugh & Starflight This is my good friend Karen Cavanaugh. We formed this band and played a long time together. She is very very talented and sang her heart out to the crowds. What great times we had. We performed at some the best casinos in Vegas, Lake Tahoe, and Reno. I had the great pleasure of hooking up with Jimmy Malone in this band, one of the best musicians I've ever played with. Check out his web page on my links . Members are Doug Quint,Rene Hamelin,and Tim Jackson. A special hello to Karen & Joe.
This is The first version of my band MAXX. We worked all over Nevada and played some great music together. Members are: Shawn Barney, Bubba Hungate, Keith Allan, Oscar Domingez, Angelique. Part 1 Live video at the Pepermill Casino 1984 Part 2 This is the last night that Angelique sang with us, and we were fortunate enough to get a video of it.
The City Slickers The City Slickers were put together in Montreal after Man Made split up. We got an offer to back up an Elvis impersenator by the name of David Scott and we took the deal. We did a tour with David and this is an old video of a concert we did in 1978. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did when Richard Terry surprised me by sending it to me. We went to Vegas with this band and after a few gigs it broke up.It was my pleasure to play with these great musicians. Band members are Ricky Lozier, Pierre Gautier, Richard Terry, and myself. The City Slickers Concert 1978
Al Sebay & Diamond Head After the City Slickers broke up I met Al Sebay at an audition and we formed this group.I learned a lot about the Vegas scene with Al. We are good friends and still in contact with each other. Al is a straight shooter. And that's number one in my books.He is still performing in Vegas, and getting great reviews. Members Daryl Slade, Tom Oroque, Gene Austin, Joan Pettit.
This is what MAXX looked like after a few years. This was a great band as well, lots of good music here. The Marzigliano Sisters were just great, so much soul. Other members Rex Kline, Shawn Barney, Oscar Domingez,Joe Montalbo.
The new generation of Rangers my Sons Shane & Christian. They are already writing their own songs and they are really cool songs at that. They were playing together a while back with their band BULLS ON PARADE. Christian moved back to Oregon where he is playing with his new band like ALIVE. I am so proud of them.
And that's it. Now the travelling is over. I spent the next twenty years playing in North Bay. Churchill’s restaurant and others. I find great pleasure in writing my own original music. and getting that buzz on the inside. What a trip it has been so far, to have met and shared so much memorable times with all of these great artists.